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We've started sending out e-mail previews of the 3D-RPG System! Just enter your e-mail here to start receiving the previews. Our goal is to release a new ones occasionally until the open beta later this year. Any of the previews that you have missed will be sent out to you daily until you are fully caught up! These previews include free e-books that you can start using to add some flavor to any game system! It's completely free and we have no interests in your e-mail address other than letting you know about what's going with the system.


Current Status: Closed Alpha

The 3D-RPG System is in closed alpha as we complete development of our social network and RPG tools. The next stage is a closed beta is to ensure that out technical systems are working, and our user publishing systems are up to the task. There are many ways that you can help, and we are interested in users for this near future closed beta test.

Excerpts from the 3D-RPG system previews

A bit from preview one:

I've been working for years on the 3D-RPG system and the idea of a real gaming community. The goal is to make a place that's free to sign up to where people can write and share their characters, modules, items, NPCs, worlds and more on-line. We are getting closer to that goal. I'm going to start sending these letters out every so often giving away hints of what's to come. This one is a PDF called "Three Simple Steps To A Better RPG Campaign". It contains hints that I've used for years, and gives a little preview of what's to come in our free system.

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A free RPG system

Free? Yeah, but is it any good?

Too many times a free RPG brings something new to the table, but the innovations are marred by flaws that make the system unappealing to most gamers. Even if the system is a gem, most developers drop a system in to the wild and you never hear from them again. The lack of a community and support is what is missing from free RPGs. We're here to change that. Our goal is to release a community to the world. An open community that anyone can join for free, and this community will be involved in taking a modular role playing game system and making it their own. Much like many open source projects begin with someone creating a program, developing a following, and building a community from it, we hope to revolutionize how role playing games are made by having the community as a whole take a good idea and run with it.


Ok, how flexible is the system?

We have designed the system around modular rules that can be applied when needed and forgotten when they aren't. The rules for supernatural creatures such as vampires and zombies works on the same basic rules as the space fighter pilot and the ancient kung fu master. The beauty of the system is that you can mix and match rules, settings, and characters without any conversion. This allows people to be extremely creative in the stories they can tell and experience. It's no harder for your planet hopping space ship crew to encounter a vampire or a medieval knight than it is any other alien race. You also don't need to guess at how personal deflector shields work against a spear because they all work on the same basic principles.

Combat, for many people it is the game

Too much talking, not enough killing

For many people, the fun in a system is directly related to the amount of damage they can cause. Those players will also find something to love in our system. How many times have your game session seen a huge club wielding ogre land a blow on a warrior half his size, only to see it glance off his armor causing no damage. This isn't at all realistic or fun (for the ogre). What we've tried to do with combat is to bring a mild sense of panic every time you're in combat. We want to make combat fun like it tends to be at low levels. Keep that sense of danger, but allow some room for mistakes. Our system incorporates ways of determining how different types of armor stop different types of attacks. It does so without weighting things down in heavy rules. It makes the choice of weapon and armor interesting and keeps things balanced.

Keeping high levels interesting

We've also come up with an interesting system that makes higher level characters tougher, but allows them to be taken down even by lower level fodder. Don't panic, as there is a nice balance to how it works. What that means is that running a normal campaign (not using rules for augmented "super" abilities) a high level character is likely to need assistance or a plan when fighting large numbers of weaker opponents. They aren't gods that you can't touch just because they've been around more. What they do have is skills, abilities, and resources that make them far deadlier. There is nothing stopping a high level warrior from walking in and destroy a goblin village. There is also nothing stopping a low level goblin defending his home from getting a lucky shot which impairs and eventually helps bring down the warrior. The more teamwork and preparation the warrior has the better the chances are for success, but the same holds true for the goblins. This also allows low level characters the chance to take down the mightiest foes with some good creativity.

Social Interaction

OK, the killer had his part. Where does the talking come in to play?

We all play role playing games to fill some sort of a role. Just as some people love playing the warrior, others love playing the role of a diplomat or a spy. We've worked out a significant social system that allows characters to help build friends and enemies everywhere they go. Like any part of the system, the modular and light weight design means that it's there when you want it, and out of the way when you don't.

Magic and supernatural powers

What about magic, psionics, etc.

Fans of magic users are in for a treat when they pickup our system. The system combines "free form" on the fly spells with practiced and learned magic. Depending on your campaign world you may have one or both. You may not even call it magic, but the rules are basically the same. For example, if you were in a car chase how would you stop someone form following you? Well, you could probably give them a blow out and make an easy get away. What a magic user does is look at the resources they have to manipulate reality, and see if they can explain a way to make their desired result happen. Maybe they don't have the ability to blow out the tire, but they can accelerate their own speed, cause the other driver a minor seizure, or any other effect. The magic in the 3D-RPG system is limited only by your creativity and investment.

How to get the 3D-RPG System

The forthcoming closed beta users will be selected from our free preview subscribers. In addition to this, those who are excited by this idea and help get the word out will receive extra consideration. We have made a badge (you can find it on the side of thsi page) that you can place on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, homepage, or wherever you can to get the word out. Maybe you can just write a blog post and tell people to check out the page and sign up for the mailing list. When you do any of these things, or if you have any questions, please let us know about it. Thank you!

A word from the author

History of the 3D-RPG System

When I started developing the 3D-RPG System over ten years ago, it was from a strong desire to achieve an unheard of balance in a system. I was tired of systems where weapons weren't deadly, and a hero had nothing to fear except from the strongest of dragons. Where no matter how good your plan was, there were things that just couldn't be overcome due to sheer numbers. I set out to design a system that was realistic, yet wasn't so realistic that you were afraid to try anything. It didn't take long to succeed in this, but the system suffered from another problem. Too many rules weighed things down and made the game slow.

Cutting the excess baggage

Since then my players and I have spent years looking at individual rules and trimming the fat. If we didn't like the way something played out, if it was too complicated, or it was difficult for even the most basic gamer to grasp I would sit down and ask myself "How can I do this better?" The result is a system that is easy to understand with familiar concepts. It doesn't take a genius to play, and there's not a ton of math to get in the way of the fun. The longest part of the process is building a character which inexperienced gamers can probably manage in under an hour. Most of the information you need regularly is laid out on a single piece of paper. Most importantly it's fun, it's flexible, and it has been repeatedly tested in multiple genres.


The system incorporates aspects of the most popular gaming systems such as D6 and D10 based storyteller systems, as well as popular D20 based systems. This familiarity will make it instantly accessible to anyone, yet it brings something new to the gaming table. These changes, hybridizations, and revolutions are sure to make more than one person say aloud "That's great!" The rules have been designed so that characters are limited by the ideas of the player, not overburdening rules. Speed and flexibility are beautifully intertwined with low overhead and extra attention to the details that make the game fun for all types of gamers. With this system I hope that we can truly revolutionize table top gaming.


While no one system can please every gamer, I have worked hard on developing a system in which every gamer can find things that they love. And because this is a labor of love, I have decided to share the system with the world for free. This web site will be the portal by which gamers of the system will get together, discuss the system, share their modules and creations, and build an open community the likes of which have never been seen before. This is my goal, and I look forward to working with all of you to achieve it. Thank you for your time!

Paul R. Dillinger, Creator of the 3D-RPG System


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The web site is in pre-development release, but you can e-mail newsletter@3d-rpg.com for the moment with news or questions. Thank you!